Hip-Hop Alphabet

Howie Abrams & Michael “Kaves” McLeer

Foreword by Darryl “DMC” McDaniels

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Hip-Hop Alphabet combines the wit and words of hip-hop with the artistic mastery of graffiti (our art) to provide a creative educational experience for young and old alike. It’s solid proof that hip-hop, as well as all of the arts, are powerful tools for learning—and educating our children!”
—From the foreword by Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC

“Learn about hip-hop culture in a fun and inventive way. . . . Introduce children to hip-hop history and the wonders of reading.” ―XXL

Yo Gabba Gabba! meets Yo! MTV Raps in this lively and educational book for young children learning the alphabet—and their hip-hop–loving parents.

Take a wondrous alphabetical journey through the glorious history of hip-hop in this kid-friendly introduction to the music that defined a generation. Featuring clever rhymes and graffiti-style drawings by legendary artist Kaves, Hip-Hop Alphabet uses the twenty-six letters of the alphabet to educate kids about classic icons (LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys and Jay-Z), as well as essential elements of the music and culture (DJs, microphones and graffiti). Learn the ABCs with a beat!

“Makes the history and culture of the genre accessible to all ages. . . . Touches on all facets of hip-hop history.”Grammys

Introduce the youngest of hip-hop fans to the genre.” ―Pigeons & Planes

Teach Kids Their ABCs AND the Importance of Hip-Hop History” ―Ambrosia for Heads

For the musically inclined youth.” ―BET

Make story time fun.” ―Hypebeast

An immersive must-read for hip-hop enthusiasts and newcomers alike!” ―Desi Hip Hop

October 2017
8¼ x 8¼ | 32 pp
Hardcover $14.95 | CAN $20.50


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